Here's a flavour of our programmes


Career planning

59 million children drop out of school by Grade 10. Our career planning programme for adolescents enables them to learn about themselves by identifying their aptitude, skills, interests;  empowers them with knowledge about local opportunities matching their interests and guides them to create their individual career road plans



Human Capital CONSULTING for Development Sector Organisations

Arthan provides boutique consulting services, including hiring for mid-senior level roles, for Foundation's/NGOs/social enterprises by partnering with institutions [including colleges, skill development institutes, organisations offering development sector focussed courses and fellowships etc.] to help place their students in roles based on their skill-set.


Economic opportunities

Once young people know what they want to do, have learned the necessary skills, and understood the local jobs opportunities, they need a platform to connect them to employers and mentors to guide them. Our jobs platform- connects young people to local employment opportunities.